KEVIN XAVIERis a photographic artist

Who specializes in evocative images of the living world. Born in Thrishur, Kerala in 1990, he moved to Ooty, The Nilgiris the same year. He is currently based out in Chennai, India.

Being raised in a hill station he strives to capture the Nature’s spirit, and blur the lines separating different species. His photographs of people and places reveal a compassionate understanding of his subjects proving him to be an unorthodox photographer.

His venture into photography was a continuation of his exploration of different genres of photography. His goal was to communicate through his captured moments.

His passion for framing the moments & instances started right from his childhood and his exploration into the ocean of photography has been from then.

He frequently reinvents his creative approach to his work and his work is a continuous & unique exploration of Nature’s beauty and wilderness, Street, Architecture and he also focuses on capturing the diversity of different culture, people and places and also last but not the least to capture the special & precious moments of life events of people.